Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nothing Makes Me Happier

Nothing makes me happier than a day on the boat and to bring back some real big fish :)

I've been doing the Dada for quite a long time now - BUTTTT I think this SAUSAGE IS FAT!

All my favorite players are in this one -- 

 Flux Pavillion & Skisms fortchoming track with Foreign Beggars
"Jump Back"


 I D G A F O S
I really don't give a F*ck or Sh!t --- I just wanna RUN DMT every day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

J. Cole - Any Given Sunday No.5

September has arrived and we are inching closer to the September 27th release of Cole World: The Sideline Story. This past Sunday J. Cole released Any Given Sunday #5. This week’s episode consisted of two new tracks entitled “Neverland” and “Heavy”. Jerry Rice is featured on this week's Any Given Sunday artwork after we saw Mohammed Ali and Michael Jordan featured on the first two episodes.

J. Cole - Neverland

J. Cole – Heavy

NickE B and Blaine - Otis (Remix)

This week I stumbled upon an Otis Remix by two up and coming artists from Palm Beach, NickE B and Blaine. While there have been many remixes of Otis, from the new Jay-Z and Kanye West album Watch the Throne, this is by far one of the best that I’ve heard. Take a listen to the track and let me know what you think.
NickE B and Blaine - Ottis (Remix)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DJ Grab This!

Yo DJ - Your gonna wanna grab some of these tracks for your set

Dubstep DJ  

Raindrops ft. Carmen Forbes by Fytch and Captain Crunch (Tomba Remix) by

Tomba - Wanna Feel Good - WIP CLIP by Tomba

Adele is constantly being remixed by electronic artist so it is hard to keep track...why wouldn't you want to remix ADELE ?? She has a great voice!
Moombah DJ 
J-Trick has been mashing n bashing the 

Munchi is the man when it comes to innovative sounds

Monday, September 5, 2011



RAWR runs the night with this opener!  Great intro with a huge huge huge crazy DROP!
We Run The Night (RAWR! For My Fans REMIX) by RAWR!

Hot Pink Delorean up next with an exciting track
Hot Pink Delorean - Excite Music - clip by hot pink delorean


02 So Called Scumbags - Punch (Original Mix) by Marc Vedo

 K-12 is a name that you will want to know more about  

K12 - Dark Side (Drumstep Mix) by K12 - French Electro

Not so crazy but I cant stop playing this song

DJ Sylert - Elektrokution (1 hour set) ***FREE DOWNLOAD*** by Sylert 


Craziness ...  

Monday, August 29, 2011

J. Cole - Any Given Sunday

J. Cole has been giving his fans something to look forward to every Sunday after announcing the eight-volume "Any Given Sunday" series. Last night J. Cole released the tracklist of his highly anticipated debut album "J. Cole - The Sideline Story" set to be released on September 27, 2011.

"The Sideline Story" tracklist -
1. Intro
2. Dollar And A Dream III
3. Can't Get Enough ft. Trey Songz

4. Lights Please
5. Interlude
6. Sideline Story
7. Mr. Nice Watch ft. Jay-z
8. Cole World
9. In the Morning ft. Drake

10. Lost Ones
11. Nobody’s Perfect ft. Missy Elliot
12. Never Told (prod. by No I.D.)
13. Rise and Shine
14. God’s Gift
15. Breakdown
16. Cheer Up

17. Nothing Lasts Forever
18. Work Out
19. Daddy’s Little Girl

Find out whene J. Cole is invading your town - J. Cole World Tour Dates

If you havent been following the "Any Given Sunday" series I suggest that you start.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011



Welcome to our first "In the Spotlight".
I've met the artists behind these upcoming tracks when I was spinning in Orlando a few months ago and his style caught my ears IMMEDIATELY. 

 Mr. Gabriel-99-Leonard who is half of 
S!kk Beatz along with his partner in GRIME
Josh Hamilton  

Where do you most often perform: 
99: At the moment S!kk Beatz are blowing up swfl with raves, club events, and a pending arena show...other than that I do lots of 99 events in Orlando and the other college towns I have networks in.
JHAM: I play in SWFL and Orlando mostly.

99: Everything.... Some of my favs of all time would have to be Deftones, The Faint, and Nirvana. Some of my current favs are J-trick, Taylor Gang, ymcmb, and Dillion Francis..I dont really believe in genres, its pointless to compare something waka flocka flame to the new Jay-z and know.I love Lex Luger beats...but Kanye is in a game all his own. That said I take everything I hear and get the good/bad from it and apply that to my in a way everything I hear is my influence.  Besides music I am also very much to into Cinema, I try to merge the two areas of interest in my life as much as possible.
JHAM: My biggest influence is probably my Dad----but Music wise I have many influences for different genre's

Favorite track at the moment:
99: J-trick - Congaz
JHAM:  hmmmmmm favorite track at the moment is probably
The Matrix by Bassnectar

Favorite Producer at the Moment:
99:  The new Bassnectar is amazing!  also Lex Luger
I love me a trap beat! 
JHAM: I have a lot of producers that I like in different genres, but Bassnectar is a genius 

Where to go from here?

99: to the motherf*cking cover of Rolling Stone! 
JHAM: From here I'd like to continue the success and keep making bangin' music and putting on killer shows for the world to see and hear.

What DAW(s) do you use during Production?

99: FL studio 9 (with tons of extra plug-ins and effects) Bootlegs in Traktor Scratch 2 and I also use aged physical instruments like; guitars, bass guitars, drums, drum machines, and synths. 
JHAM: I use Maschine 1.6, Traktor, and FL studio 10

99: We both sometimes use audacity for cutting samples
(zooms all the way in on waveform, down to a line) and converting sound files.

What program do you play your sets with ?
99: Traktor 2 with timecode vinyls and turntables.  Sometimes Josh's s4.  I use my Korg Nano Kontrol or my Akai LPD 8 on some nights, or if Im playing house music, point and click and just the mixer.
JHAM: Traktor Scratch Pro 2 HATER!

Any more things you would like to add about your group...
99: Look out for great new projects from S!KK BEATZ, 99, and LOST IN SPACE. 
JHAM: name is Josh Hamilton....and I go hard in the mutha fuckin' paint.... #swag
I've been to a lot of clubs all over Florida and I am constantly alarmed by the "lack of SWAG" in these modern computer DJ's.  Needless to say this isn't the issue here!

Not to mention, I have always had a dream for dubstep to meet rap vocals/lyrics and rap producers to step up their game into advanced dub productions. I am more than glad to see that someone is doing it right.

Without wasting any more time...LET'S GO! 


As always, its been great sharing the future musicians and what they love to do - thanks for checking out the site! 

If you got the SICK BEATS as well and want to be "in the spotlight" let me know -



Growing up in South Florida for the past 22 years has allowed me to experience a lot of hurricanes during the late months of summer.  However, I am not a meteorologist who can explain the expansion of Irene's strength and potential power. However, I can't help but comment on the fact that she ruined Identity Festival in Miami and didn't even effect most of Florida.  

My thoughts and prayers go out to those involved in any weather or natural disaster circumstance.

While Irene has only effected us for a few days...this next artist has been doing big things for a while now. Here's Nicky going a little stronger!
Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick ft. Shawnee Taylor - Stronger (Nicky Romero Remix) by nickyromero

MiniMax is someone who's music is like the eye of a storm, calm in the beginning and a banging later.

Jay Z & Kanye West - Ni**as in Paris (MiniMaxX & DJEJ Bootleg) [preview] by

Calvin Harris makes great music.  
That's why there are great remixes. Here are just a few.

Calvin Harris - Flashback (Sandro Oliveira Remix) by Sandro Oliveira

Calvin Harris - Flashback (Felippe Senne Remix) by Felippe Senne

DJ Farouche vs Calvin Harris Flashback (sunnyside dub)...Free Download by DJ Farouche

Calvin Harris - Flashback (Chromeboy's Bootleg RMX) by Chromeboy

Calvin Harris - Flashback (Jerry Blam Remix) by Jerry Blam

Calvin Harris - Flashback (Fobee's High Remix) by fobee

Calvin Harris vs Soulsearcher - Awooga vs Cant Get Enough (Actone Bootleg) by ActoneOfficial

Artistic Raw is just plain NASTY. If you don't know NOW YOU KNOW!

Calvin Harris feat. Kelis - Bounce (Artistic Raw Bootleg) by Artistic Raw
OLD SCHOOL Bonus Bounce
Calvin Harris - Bounce (R3hab Remix) by Cobra Records

Moombah Storm
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

Electro Storm 
I See You Looking At Me (Luke Da Duke Remix) by Luke Da Duke
Dutch Storm
***FREE DOWNLOAD*** Hoodie - Switch It Up (Original Mix) by HoodieMusic


Dj Ink & Dylan- Need You (Polymer Drone Remix) by The Polymer Drone


Hardrock Sofa has their own unique uplifting style which I can't say enough about.  This is a GREAT cd to Download RIGHT NOW and put on a CD for your transportation device.

 Keep up children - @DjNoTTeR 

Bob Marley


Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sidney Sampson is a great producer who has brought the world big tunes such as Riverside, The World is Yours, Get Outta Your Mind, and a great Chuckie - MOOMBAH Remix - He has now unleashed yet another club room banger entitled MUTATE.

Extra Sidney on the side....


Soundcloud Scramble #3

VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS....shhhhhhh --- it all stays there
P.S. - I am not a big fan of previews but this is definitely a great teaser for true Chuckie fans!

This is the most fun music for people who like to party

Special Efx-Cmon! by DefunkMusic


Arbes - Magnetic (Preview) by Arbes

Different blend of Electro here....shit is bananas !

Gwen Stefani - Holla' Back Girl (Laser Wolves Electro Boogie Bananas Mix) by Laser_Wolves